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on●d completely with present activities. There is n■o universally accepted body of doctrines or pra●ctices. The churchman, for example, and the

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■scientist, educator, or radical l●eader are so far apart that they cannot t■alk together. They

are, as the Greeks■ expressed it, in different “universes of d●iscourse.” 41. Dr. Austin O’Malley writes rat●her passionately about the control of births,● in the Catholic weekly, “Amer■ica.” S

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  • ame ill. S●he was taken to the Harlem Hospit■al,
  • where her case was diagno■sed as morph
  • ine poisoning.... She came of a ■fine Virginia family
  • and was educated at a fashi●onable boardi
  • ng school. Four ye■ars ago she was married to a Yal
  • e gradu■ate. [A friend] who had known ■her all
  • her life said, “She had just go●ne mad with
  • love of pleasure, though at hear■t she

was a thoroughbred and exceed●in

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ays Dr. O’Malley: “The most ■helpless idiot is as far above a non-existent c■hild as St. Bridget is above a committee on■ birth c

ontrol.” Let us paus●e over the idiot and the non-existent c■hild. Must we say that all po■tential children should be born? Are we

to take ■a firm stand against celibacy, which de●nies to so many possible children the r●ight to be baptized? And will Dr. O

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us which is the greater virt●ue, to bear children that they may be baptized, ■or to have no children for the glory of one●’s own soul? This solicitud●e over the non-existent child has

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c●ertain drawbacks. How large a ■family,

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in fact, does Dr. O’Malley d■esire a woman

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to bear? May she sto●p after the fourteenth infant, or must she sa■y to herself: “There are sti?/p>

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駆l non-existent children, some■ of them helpless idiots; perhaps I wil■l bear them that they may be baptized.”[■43] Or, if

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we should submit any series of ●behavior problems to a set of men ■selected as most competent to give an

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  • nions would be rigo■ristic and hold that conformity

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    ircumstances; another pra■gmatic, holding that the code m■ay sometimes be violated. For example, in ●1919, the United States Interdepartmental ■Social Hygiene Board authorized the Psychologic■al Laboratory of the Johns Hopkin■s University to make an investigati●on of the “informational and educ●ative effect upon the public of

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    certain mot●ion-picture films”, and in this conn●ection a questionnaire was sent to “medic■al men and women who have had most to do● with problems in sex education and ■the actual treatment of venereal in●fections.” From the manuscript o●f this investigation I give below some of● the replies received to question 13. 4■2.

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    Question 13. Do you consider that a●bsolute continence is always to be insiste■d upon? Or may it be taught that■ under certain conditions in■tercourse in the unmarried is harmless or ben●eficial? Dr. A. I know of no■ harm from absolute continence. Interc●ourse in the unmarried cannot b●e justified on any grounds of h●ealth

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    or morals. Dr. B. No. For some absolute ●continence would be easy, for others, i●mpossible. It is an individual problem to● be decided by the individual■, with or without advice. Under ce●rtain conditions in the unmarried, male or fem●ale, intercourse is harmless■ or beneficial; under other conditions it ■is harmful and inju

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i■cial. But our standards are a●gainst it. And who could possibly conscientiousl●y teach such a thing, no matter what h●e thought? Dr. D. Certainly not. It● is prob

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馿d to hold her in a spell.”●[42] 78The world has become large, allurin

g■, and confusing. Social evolution h■as been so rapid
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that no agency has been■ d
eveloped in the larger community of ●the state for regulating behavior ●wh
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